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Soleil Conversion Unit

The experience gained in the field of renewable energies and attention to energy efficiency have guided the making of the Soleil
Power Station, the new integrated “plug & play” solution for a direct connection to the medium voltage grid and injection of the
generated energy.

Soleil Power Station is equipped with an integrated communication platform that allows remote monitoring of the entire plant.
Designed with customization at its core, the Soleil Power Station can be tailor-made to meet specific requests and requirements.
This flexibility ensures that each installation meets the unique needs of its location, also complying with international grid, providing
optimal performance and reliability. Conceived for outdoor installation, the system is robust and resilient, capable of withstanding
various environmental conditions.

  • Tailor-made according to requests
  • Plug & Play
  • Outdoor installation
  • MV System 3 phases
  • MV transformer included
  • MV switchboard included
  • Datalogger Communication system included
  • Transportable by truck and sea shipping
  • International Grid Code compliance
  • Connectable by PPC or CCI

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