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Safepower Modular SPM

Safepower Modular SPM is based on modular architecture. Each 50-60 kVA UPS module is housed in a single 19” plug-and-play drawer with hot-swap capability. In the event a dodule needs to be replaced, it can be hot-swapped without affecting the operation of the other active modules.

It’s easy to add power: the 3U-high plug-n-power drawers can be hot-swapped allowing a vast vertical expansion (by populating the cabinet vertically) and horizontal expansion (by populating several columns).

Safepower SPM is ideal for IT and server loads in industrial, commercial, healthcare uses and especially for Datacenter applications of all powers. The scalability feature of the UPS allows the installed power to be implemented by growing within the single cabinet or by adding further UPSs until the necessary power is reached

  • Internal N+X Multiple Redundancy
  • Power vertical expansion
  • Hot-swap Plug-n-Power Scalability
  • Ultra compact transformer-free design
  • High efficiency and low distortion
  • Sleep mode for efficiency optimization
  • EN50171 Compliant
  • Easy maintenance power module
  • 3-level topology design, efficiency up to 96.5%
  • Output power factor 1
  • UPS can supply power to 100% unbalanced load.
  • High adaptability for load, it can connect full inductive load or capacitive load.
  • Power module, Bypass module, Monitoring module, control module, all these modules are hot-swappable.
  • Power Walk In function, it can reduce the start current impact to system, and it can reduce the capacity of generator.
  • With 7 inches colorful touch HMI
  • Support SNMP, RS232, RS485, BMS, Dry contact interface
  • Compatible with VRLA or lithium battery LiFeP04
  • Thickened conformal coating, applicable for harsh environment such as high heat, high humidity, dust.

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