Monitoring Systems

SIEL offers monitoring systems that guarantee local and remote continuous supervision to its customers and to the SIEL Service department of its devices, by a dedicated software or through SNMP card with integrated web server.

For the most demanding customers, it’s possible to transferred by MODBUS – RTU, allowing the rapid  integration with leading software BMS (Business Management System).
Also, the new “Cloud-based” TGS (Tele Global Service) permits to monitoring UPS status publishing data on Internet, making them accessible from your web browser.

• Protected access and map showing customer’s PV plants
• Upload all information on Cloud
• HTML5 and JSON based
• Check on-line all scheduled maintenance plans
• Data stored for 10 years
•Data is collected from Inverters and String boxes, stored in a datalogger and transmitted through modem to a remote server
• Download performance information and alarms on Excell format
• Climatic parameters
• Constant update and graphs on status and performance of the plant
• Automatic alarms sent through email and SMS in case of equipment fault
• Ready for smartphone and Tablet view (Android/iOS/Windows Phone)