SIEL’s global quality has been increasingly appreciated by important and prestigious Italian and international Customers over the years, like:

Airports, Banks, Firms, Highways, Hospitals ,Infrastructures, Insurance Companies, Oil Companies, Railways, Shopping Malls, Hypermarkets, Telecommunication Companies and Tertiary Industries.

Innovation, customer care and a sound inclination towards international business have enabled SIEL to gain a prominent position in the PV and renewables field with 2GW of power installed worldwide.

Here follow some example of the installations particpated by SIEL in:

86,25 MW El Paso – Colombia
36 MW Diego De Almagro – Chile
20 MW Luzentia (Murcia) – Spain
14 MW Lorca (Murcia) – Spain
11,35 MW – Basilicata, Italy
10 MW – Ciudad Real – Castilla La Mancha – Spain
More than 5 MW, of Highways stops area in Italy
4,2 MW Bagni di Tivoli (Roma) – Italy
2,2 MW Campegine (Reggio Emilia) – Italy
2 MW Merdare – Serbia
1,8 MW Fiumicino (Roma), Italy
1 MW – Chiampo (Vicenza) – Italy
1 MW – Monte Mario (Roma), Italy
1 MW – Esenta di Lonato (Brescia), Italy