Since 1983, under the leadership of its founder and current Chairman Enrico Pensini, SIEL has achieved important targets, constantly aiming to the future, extending its technologies and making them increasingly effective, expanding worldwide to reach new customers.
Initially specialising in the design and production of UPS’s, the company found its ideal headquarters in 1990 in Trezzano Rosa, Milan.

  • 1991 Siel Energy Systems UK was founded, the first company to take care of the distribution and maintenance of Siel UPS’s in the UK territory and market. The following years saw the development of the range of high power UPS’s, with the introduction of microprocessor control and a new segment to be added to the target markets: telecommunications.
  • 1995 Thanks to its precision and reliability SIEL btained the ISO 9001 – Quality Management System certification in 1995.
  • 1997 SIEL started to collaborate with Malpensa 2000 supplying all products with innovative IGBT power semiconductors.
  • 1999 SIEL was the first to produce 1000kVA UPS in a single cabinet and acquired SIAC, a direct current components manufacturer.

In The following year SIEL entered the renewable energy field with the efficient SIAC Soleil inverters, developed for photovoltaic applications. 5 years after that first step into the world of clean energy, SIEL conquered the international photovoltaic market with its three-phase inverters.

  • 2006 Continuing its commitment to the generation of renewable energy, in 2006 SIEL, together with other members, founded Assosolare, the national association representing the solar photovoltaic industry in Italy, which in 2013 merged with Aper to create Assorinnovabili.
  • 2007 SIEL created the Wind Wave line, a new range of inverters that marked the company’s entry in the world of wind energy generation.
  • 2008 SIEL reached 100MW of total installed PV inverters.

In just one year, SIEL presented the new revolutionary Plug&Play system, Soleil PS1000, and doubled the result of the previous year, reaching 200 MW of installed capacity.

  • 2010 The inverter Soleil 10 TL saw the light and SIEL entered a new frontier in renewable energies developing new technologies such as thermal photovoltaic and fuel cell civil micro-generation systems.
    SIEL brought its growth to new heights with the new Soleil HV TL and Sunsiel product line and reached new markets worldwide, entering a vast number of countries: Romania, India, South Africa and USA became part of the huge network of SIEL renewable energy sources.
    The headquarters of Trezzano doubled in size and adopted the most advanced logistics and organizational criteria, powered by a 100kW photovoltaic system for a consistent sustainable development.
  • 2012 Siel America was founded, a production facility in New Jersey (USA), in which the entire line of UL certified inverters was produced for the US market.
  • 2013 A year full of new developments for Siel which, in Valencia, Spain, founded Siel Energy to meet the needs of the Spanish market.
    In the same year, the very successful events of Intersolar in Munich and Solar Power International in Chicago hosted the presentation of a new Siel technology: IDROSOLEIL, the three-phase photovoltaic inverter designed to be combined with electric pumps.
    In addition to this important launch, Siel made headway on the market with the new Soleil DSPX line, the new PV-STRING BOX series, followed by the single-phase and three-phase string inverters, fully satisfying industry requirements.
  • 2014 Was characterised by an important delivery to one of the largest EPCs for the construction of a 36MW photovoltaic plant in the Atamaca desert in Chile, and by the development of a new range of high-performance UPS’s with modular technology for large data centres.

The achievements of previous years appear to be a first, small initial step towards the creation of an energy giant.

  • 2015 ost-energy After having been subjected to an audit by OST ENERGY – a technical consulting company in the renewable energy sector globally accepted by investors and banks worldwide – SIEL obtained “bankability” and officially became part of those companies in which to invest without risk and which are characterized by their financial solidity, technical and production professionalism and reliability in customer management.
  • 2016 Since its birth, SIEL has been attentive to quality, environmental and health and safety aspects.
    To this end, it has decided to adopt an Integrated Management System in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
    SIEL has 1.8 GW installed inverters worldwide and every day continues its constant growth towards the goal of his mission: energy and safety, for everyone.
  • 2017 In order to strengthen its presence on the American territory and to pursue the process of internationalization of its business, announces the foundation of SIEL LATAM, which is based in Santiago, Chile.
    New products:
    -Soleil DSPX TLH 1500Vdc, an inverter suitable for big power plant
    -Power Station up to 5660kVA;
    -Safepower S series with new sizes: 60kVA and 80kVA.
  • 2018  With its 35 years of success, today SIEL has over 2GW of photovoltaic inverters installed worldwide, and joins, to the already consolidated UPS line, the new modular system able to host modules from 6kVA to 10kVA to satisfy the most demanding requests of the market.
  • 2019  New products for the UPS:
    – Safepower S pf1 output to 10kVA up 200kVA
    – Safepower Modular SPM up to 1200kVA with modules of 50kVA or 60kVA