A functional case encloses all the components which enable direct grid-generation (inverter bridge, galvanic separation transformer, automatic disconnection apparatuses).
The three-phase bridge is made up of power semiconductors (IGBT) with pulse switching frequency being kept between 2 KHz e 4 KHz. The inductive-capacitor filter on the bridge output downs the harmonics generated by the semiconductors switching.

The following data are available on the touch-screen display:
• voltage, current and power supplied by the cells
• voltages (r,s,t) and currents (r,s,t) in ac
• power supplied to the grid
• internal temperature
• inverter generated energy
• working hours

Equipped with standard RS485 card for serial communication with Modbus protocol and MDB OCSystem software.
Long-distance monitoring service (TeleGlobal Service) and Optional data logger are also available, for data collection and transmission via Ethernet port.