SIEL can offer several solutions concerning the communication/control/data collection systems for its inverters, the relevant accessories and obviously the photovoltaic installation.

Monitoring operations can be made with different solutions according to the Customer’s needs, via Ethernet as well as via gprs, on the single inverter or on the detail of parallel cases or on the accessories, such as environmental temperature/radiation sensors, or through meteo detector.
The communication systems available on SIAC Soleil inverters enable the user to control the installation status and running in every moment and place.

Four supervisional platforms, listed below according to increasing complexity, are available:
‘light‘ platform for point-to-point connection
platform based on ‘Soleil Log’ data logger and LAN connection or via GPRS modem
platform based on SNMP grid adapter

The inverter/PC connection can be made directly though either RS232 serial cable or USB connection. OCSystem MDB software can be used to control the inverter running (status, alarms, production charts and storage of the main system parameters).

This platform enables the user to control up to 100 inverters through a RS485 bus and to send information to an Internet portal, simply accessible through any web-browser (MS Explorer, Mozilla etc.).
The device can be provided with a GSM modem (not included) to visualize the system in remote mode, if a common Internet cable access is not available.
This platform can be used also for WIND WAVE inverters similarly. The data logger can be connected to a remote public display through RS485 cable. Soleil Log PH data logger can share information with the relevant authority (German body of legislation for installations over 100 kWp power) and reduce the power supply to the grid by means of the inverter.
The portal can be entered also via portable phone by pointing to a dedicated address which enables the access to a graphic visualization conceived for the small screens of smartphones and handheld computers.
This platform can be used also for WIND WAVE inverters similarly.

It enables the inverter connection on a pre-existing LAN net, through the use of a slot SNMP grid adapter which can be slot-connected directly to the inverter. The card works as a web-server through SNMP protocol, integrates the remote access functions (telnet and FTP) and enables to send messages to pre-settable recipients for the remote notification of any alarm, anomalism or machine protection. After installing the proper driver (included in the software) traps can be sent to the PC if pre-settable events occur, so that pop-up messages can be notified on the display.

- TGS2 PLATFORM (TeleGlobal Service)
This is the most suitable platform for big-sized installations, which may need to monitor many inverters located on one or more systems.
A dedicated monitoring WEB application, resident on the server of the management centre (either the Customer’s centre or SIEL headquarters’), manages the queries to the various sites and collects their measurements, status, alarms, storage of data related to all the installations. It enables the data display from every Internet-connected PC workstation by simply connecting to the server and asking for the access (after authentication) to the information concerning the installation.
The monitoring application is fundamental to analyze any status variations (e.g. alarms or protection on one or more inverters), sending a real-time e-mail or sms to the Service, and to control the advancement of the energy production. Moreover, it manages direct contact via sms with the technical staff available, assuring timely intervention where the problem has occured. The application also sends a report to the Customer with the main information concerning the system.
The platform can be used also with WIND WAVE inverters, with no CSP-12 device.